Inventory Reports

inventory-reportsThe property inventory report is a legal document, compiled in consideration with the current legal regulations and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme requirements. This inventory service provided by Home Inventory London, gives detailed (written and photographic) information about the inspected property’s condition and value. There are three basic kinds of inventory checks, conducted in different crucial moments of tenancy or lease period:

Inventory & Check In Report

The check in report, done by Home Inventory London, is a rental inventory check, which is performed by our professional inventory clerks at the beginning of tenancy. The purpose of this report is to describe in written and photographic details the condition and value of the property itself and every item in it. In order for the check in report to be done, the property owner will need to have an initial inventory report. Home Inventory London offers these two reports combined. A copy of this report is being given to the tenant, and it’s also attached to the rental agreement.

Check Out Report

The check out report is an inventory service, provided by Home Inventory London in the end of tenancy period. The purpose of this inventory check is to see if the tenant has done damage to the property during the rental period. The results from this report are compared to the ones from the check in report. Any malfunctions and damages have to be repaired or paid. This report is very useful in cases like deposit disputes and legal claims. The check out report mentions damages, which are beyond the average “wear and tear”.

Our reports are prepared by AIIC certified inventory clerks and fully comply with the needs of our clients – homeowners, landlords, estate agents and tenants alike. Home inventory London’s team ensure that inventory reports conducted by our agents are suitable for both tenancy and home insurance purposes.

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