Gas Safety Certificate

gas-certificateThe gas safety certificate is a record, which states the condition of your property’s gas appliances and equipment. This gas certificate is mandatory according to the law in UK, and should be held in every rental property and other kinds of accommodations, which have gas appliances present. The law requires all gas appliances in rental properties to be checked by a professional every year, and a special gas certificate report to be compiled at the beginning of tenancy. Landlords and tenants both get a copy of this report, which is attached to their rental or lease agreement.


With a gas certificate from Home Inventory London you will get:

  • Your gas appliances checked for gas tightness.
  • The gas checks will be performed by a certified inventory clerk.
  • We will provide all the proper ventilation during the duration of the inspection.
  • All the smoke detectors and fire alarms will be thoroughly checked for flaws.
  • Our company will check if the products of combustion are being safely sent outside, by checking the flue or the chimney.
  • We will conduct your annual check regularly and independently.


The gas safety certificates are conducted by our trained and certified inventory clerks from Home Inventory London. They will make sure that your property is safe for you and your potential tenants. If you desire to book this service right away, you can contact our customer care associates by filling the “book now” form or just calling us on 020 3746 5600.